Acceptance Activation Initiative (AAI)

Acceptance Activation Initiative (AAI)”, an aspect of CBI training certification program to Transform Transfer Aggression, Children always use when they encounter a wall from other cultures, especially the dominant cultures.“When you know a person’s culture, you will know how things affect the way they reason or their behavior”(Kluckhohn). It may be an ideal way to truly connect with others. People are comfortable when they know that they are accepted by others regardless of how intolerant their culture.

A number of reasons make the program quite impressive owing to the fact that Frank Uwakwe, who is the author and initiator of the program, has traveled extensively around the world and founded a school in Nigeria before migrating to America. He has led numerous religious Culture Blend Initiatives institutions and has knowledge of many cultures and their peculiarities. One of the reasons CBI is quite innovative is the establishment of cultural affiliations around cultural interest.